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Restoring your commercial property or house is a significant undertaking. After disaster strikes, you can count on Green Men Restoration in Indianapolis, IN, to provide reliable home restoration services and commercial restoration. We work fast to evaluate the damage’s extent and determine the best solution to restore your home or business. We’ll get your structure looking new in no time. You won’t be able to tell disaster struck when our team completes the work.

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Residential Restoration Services

Homes can suffer damage due to many things, including fires, floods, storms, and other disasters. Normal wear and tear can lead to significant damage that requires attention. Whether you need home damage restoration after a disaster or are looking for an old house restoration company, you can trust our licensed and insured professionals to tackle the job. We look at pictures and discuss your requirements to determine the best way to address your home restoration service. We then return your house to like-new condition with stellar workmanship.

Commercial Restoration Services

While many of our customers are homeowners, we’re also a commercial restoration company serving Indianapolis, IN. Every minute without a functional business is money lost. You can call us to provide prompt, reliable service to restore function to your commercial property. We want you to feel confident that you can return to business quickly after a disaster damages your structure. We’re ready to do the job if your building suffers water, fire, storm, or other damages.

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Home Restoration FAQs

Home restoration is the process of returning a property to its former glory, returning it to its original state, and making it look new again. Depending on the age of the property it can require some deep research and stripping layers of decoration back to discover what colors and features were there first.

The first step of a home restoration project is to discover any changes in the house’s footings. Ground changes and moves naturally over time so it’s common for there to be adjustments in the foundations of a building, leading to subsidence, cracks, etc, so fixing those is paramount. You can also restore the mechanics and plumbing of a house to its original state, keeping it period, but new. Redecorating and restaining woodwork on the house is also a common task in home restoration.

Do what research you can to find out what it looked like in its original state, decide if you want to bring back the modern version of the features of the house, or, where you can find parts that were produced at the correct time. Get the original blueprints if you can to make sure everything is set back to how it was and then call us at 317.339.0213 to get help from friendly experts in completing your project.

This could range from as little as a couple of thousand dollars to tens, or even hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of the property to the level of detail you want to adhere to in your home restoration.

Home restoration can be a very popular choice as it can give your house an incredible look with original features, but looking modern and pristine as it is recently completed. Home restoration can offer one of the biggest increases to your property’s value out of any home project.

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